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Increase Downloads with Perfect App Listings

Our App Store Optimization Tools can simplify the app store optimization process. Using statistical data from millions of apps, our tools tell how you can boost app downloads and conversion rates in a statistical approach. You can potentially increase your app downloads multiple times without spending a penny on advertising.

App store optimization App SEO grader

App Store SEO Grader

Do you know how well you have done your app listings?

Meatti's App Store SEO Grader checks your app listings against tips from ASO experts and the latest trends of the top apps in the same categories. There are simple instructions on how you should fix if there are any issues.

App store optimization Keyword planner

Keyword Planner

Do you know what keyword fits your app best?

Meatti's keyword planner can help you find out how popular a keyword is in the app store search and how easy your app can rank for specific keywords.

App store optimization Keyword tracker

Keyword Tracker

Do you keep track of your keywords' performance every day?

Meatti lets you know how your keywords in your app listings perform through email notification. With our notification, you do not have to keep reminding yourself to check your keywords every day.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store's search results. It also improves an app's overall and category rankings by boosting app downloads and conversion rates. Because of its similarity with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ASO is also referred as Mobile App SEO or App Store SEO.

Is App Store Optimization necessary?

Yes, because online advertisement is expensive. Simply investing on mobile ads is not possible for a lot of developers. Some may decide to buy ranks and fake reviews but Apple is very active in cracking down illegal downloads. That is why ASO is popular among developers because it is effective, it is totally affordable, and it does not violate App Store's rules.

There're many possible approaches to optimize a mobile app listing. Check out the link below and see how much you can do to increase your apps' searchability.

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