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App Store Ratings & Reviews

Learn from App Store Reviews And Boost App Ratings

Reading reviews from users is the best way to know how users react to your apps. For apps with lots of reviews, reading all the reviews may not be easy. Our App Store Rating & Review Analysis uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to save you hours by summarizing all your app store ratings and reviews in seconds.

By following our analysis, you can make better business decisions to impress your users. Watch your positive reviews increase and turn 1-star reviews into 5 stars. Better ratings mean more downloads!

App store ratings Popular keyword analysis

Popular Keyword Analysis

Do you know what your users always say about your apps?

Meatti can tell you what keywords are mentioned the most in both positive and negative reviews. You can quickly identify what has gone right and what has gone wrong.

App store ratings Sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Do the star ratings truly reflecting how your users feel?

Meatti's sentiment analysis uses artificial intelligence to interpret your app store reviews. By applying machine learning and natural language processing, it tells you your user sentiments based on the meaning of the app store reviews, instead of just the star ratings.

App store ratings Rating-over-time charts

Rating-Over-Time Charts

Do you know which versions of your app have the best ratings?

Meatti has visual diagrams to show you what time periods or versions of your app have got the best ratings. You can identify what you have done right or what you should avoid in the future design.