How To 5X Your iOS App Store Keywords

How To 5X Your iOS App Store Keywords

Did you know you could 5X your iOS App Store keywords to get more traffic?

That means you can use up to 500 characters to store your keywords for getting a lot more app store search traffic!

YES, 5 X 100 = 500 CHARACTERS!

app store keywords

Just follow this app store keyword optimization guide to find out how.

How Do App Store Keywords Work in the App Store?

First thing first: let’s find out how app store keywords work in the App Store…

Apple App Store actually indexes multiple app localizations in each App Store market.


It is because App Store users use different languages in each market.

For example, the U.S. App Store indexes BOTH English (U.S.) and Spanish (Mexico) localizations. Because of that, users of the U.S. App Store can search for an app using the keywords in both localizations.

So if you publish your mobile app to the U.S. App Store, you can use the 100 keyword character space in BOTH English (U.S.) and Spanish (Mexico) localizations.

A total of 200 character space. A double up!

In the Spanish localization, you can enter Spanish keywords. Or if you prefer, you can also enter English keywords there too.

Got the idea?

App Store Keyword Optimization Tips:

  • Multiply Your Keywords in All App Store Markets
    Click here to get a free list of all countries in the world that you can apply the trick above. The list also shows you what additional localizations you could use in each App Store market to store extra keywords.
  • Multiply Your App Name
    You can apply the same localization tactic to the app name field to include more keywords. As mentioned in our App Store SEO Tips and App Store Optimization Tips, keywords in the app name carry more weight than in the keyword field when it comes to app store search ranking. By using this trick, you will have a big advantage over your competition.

And the good news is:

This App Store keyword optimization technique works not just in the U.S. market. It works in all App Store markets in the world.

This way, you can easily double the space available for your App Store keywords in English or any other language you prefer.

All you need to know are the localization languages that are indexed by your target App Store market.

But you may ask:

“How do I know which localizations are indexed by my target App Store markets?”

This leads to the next section…

Which App Localizations Should I Use?

App Store indexes at least two app localizations in each App Store market.

And some markets have even more!

For instance, Switzerland App Store indexes five localizations: German, French, Italian, English (Australia) and English (U.K.).

That means you can 5x your app store keywords in Switzerland App Store.

But how about the other App Store markets?

To save you time, we have compiled the app localizations indexed by every App Store markets in the world. Click here to get the free list of all countries that you can apply this trick.

app store keywords optimization world map

Get the Free List of All Countries to Multiply Your Keywords ]

Remember: once Apple has approved your new app store keywords and localizations, go check your new app store keyword rankings.

As a rule of thumb, make sure all your target app store keyword rankings are less than ten.

Here’s What to Do Next…

Now you have a lot more space to store your app store keywords.

But what keywords should you use in this extra space?

Don’t worry: just use this tool to get your keyword suggestions automatically using AI.

The best part?

It’s free!

Marcus is a tech entrepreneur & a father of 3 daughters.
He is the founder of Meatti, which helps mobile app developers increase app downloads using artificial intelligence.

23 thoughts on “How To 5X Your iOS App Store Keywords

  1. Hi,Thanks for the great article!
    Do you know about this process in Google play as well?
    we noticed that english UK/Australia/Singapore/etc. App Name localisations do have an effect on the US keyword rankings!

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Do you, by any chance know, if English US and English CA has any effect on App Store China rankings?

    1. App Store China indexes Chinese (Simplifed), English (U.K.) and English (Australia) in our findings. So No, English US and English CA don’t have impact to it.

    1. Once you have released a new version with the new keywords, the new keyword rankings should take effect on the same day.

      And you should review your keyword rankings every week to make sure they are optimized.

      Keep those in top 10, drop the low ranking keywords, and add in your newly found keywords if you have spare space in the keyword field.

  3. Hi Marcus,
    I read this:

    Keywords cannot be combined. Meaning that if you have “food” in your Spanish (MX) keywords, and “delivery” in your English (U.S.) keywords, you won’t rank for “food delivery”.

    That is right?

  4. I have released a new app version and added some Japanese keywords to English (Australia) on iTunesConnect. I have mixed Japanese and English. All keywords from English (Australia) are ranking in Australia, but don’t in Japan at all. It did not have any effect. There are some long tail keywords with very low competition, but they don’t rank either. Any ideas? Should I try English (U.K.)?

    1. Thanks for giving it a try.

      According to our latest findings, Japan App Store indexes both Japanese and English (United States) localizations.

      So you should consider using English (United States) localization instead.

  5. Lets say I have one set of Keywords for English UK and another for English AUS.

    Now I am accessing the app store from the UK, If I search for keywords that are indexed in the AUS version will the app show? In other words when I search it checks all the localisations and not just the UK one?

    1. The UK App Store indexes both English UK and English AUS localizations (but not others).

      So if you search in the UK App Store, your app has a chance to show up in the search results of the keywords you specified in the English UK and English AUS localizations.

      Note however that the actual rank in the search results still depends on how strong your app is.

  6. Dear Marcus Kay:

    Thanks for all the great articles you offer.
    I am just wondering what languages App Store Taiwan index, and where can I find information like this?

    Thanks again, you save lots of indie developer

    1. Hello Danny, thanks for your kind words.

      We update the languages indexed by each app market including Taiwan in a spreadsheet.

      Just click on the map above to sign up, and you will get the most up-to-date version.

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