How Big Is The China App Market Compared To The United States?

How Big Is The China App Market Compared To The United States?

According to App Annie, China app market already surpassed the U.S. by downloads in 2015.

In terms of revenue, the top country is the U.S., followed by Japan and China. However, the growth in the U.S. is slowing down, while it is ramping up quickly in China.

In the mobile gaming sector, compared to the U.S.’s $5.2 billion revenues, China’s mobile gaming industry earned $4.4 billion last year, and the market is expected to surpass the U.S.’s $7.3 billion in 2016, according to China Daily.

china app market china vs us mobile market revenue chart

According to Tech in Asia, there are more mobile gamers in China than the total U.S. population. We expect that by the end of 2016, China will be the #1 mobile gaming market by both revenue and downloads.

*Update: China indeed surpassed the U.S. by iOS game revenue in 2016. It has become the world number #1 mobile gaming market on iOS platform. It is the king of both revenue and downloads.

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt, China app market will take over the mobile world. This is a golden opportunity for western app developers, especially considering the lack of creativity in China. If you are a western app developer, you should seriously consider expanding your business beyond the saturated U.S. and other markets to China now.

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