Top 4 App Marketing Tips In China App Market

Top 4 App Marketing Tips In China App Market

Hey, everyone! This time, I will talk about four tips and tricks on how to do mobile marketing in China app market.

Here they are…

1. Choice of Chinese Ad Networks

Chinese advertisers and publishers are not familiar with western ad networks, so western ad networks (e.g. Google Adwords, Chartboost, and Tapjoy) are ineffective in China. The largest mobile ad networks in China are hosted by Tencent, Sina and Baidu, the owners of WeChat (China’s Facebook) and Weibo (China’s Twitter) and Baidu (China’s Google) respectively. These giant companies have monopolized the ad traffic in China, so you have to buy ads from them.

2. Social Media Sharing on WeChat & Weibo

In China, a whopping 91% of Chinese online users have social media accounts. This makes implementing both incentive and non-incentive social share in your app very effective in China. There won’t be any organic growth if the app does not connect to any social network because there’s no easy channel to get the words around. You have to integrate your apps with Tencent WeChat (China’s Facebook) and Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) because Facebook and Twitter are prohibited in China app market.

3. Sponsored Tweets in WeChat & Weibo

Chinese marketers have a habit of advertising their apps through sponsored tweets of Chinese celebrities or interest groups, aka Key Opinion Leaders, on WeChat (China’s Facebook) and Weibo (China’s Twitter). Imagine David Beckham posting a football manager game on his twitter. This is one of the most effective ways to get quality installs due to the loyalty of the fans.

4. Social Media Growth Hacks in the Chinese Ways

Social media marketing on WeChat and Weibo has become the core component of any China app marketing plans in China. However, doing social media marketing in China is actually very different from the other parts of the world. I wrote a separate post to talk about it. Check it out in this post “6 Social Media Hacks for Publishing Your Mobile App & Game in China“.

I hope the tips above can give you some ideas of app marketing in the China app market. If you are interested in knowing more details, feel free to leave a comment below.

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