My 6 Favorite Foreign Games In Chinese App Store

My 6 Favorite Foreign Games In Chinese App Store

As a frequent traveler in China, I could not always play the games I bought for my PC or PS4. I always had to keep several games installed on my iPhone to fix my craving. They are all foreign games in the Chinese app store. I am going to show you my current set of games on my phone today.

 1. The Room Three, Fireproof Studios

chinese app store the room three fireproof studio
A Puzzle in The Room 3

I think many people should already know about The Room series. It’s a beautiful puzzle game which requires you to manipulate objects and shapes to unlock gadgets and chests. There’re occasional word puzzles, but those do not need Sherlock Holmes to solve. That is why the game can be popular in the Chinese app store because Chinese players can manage to play the game even if they are not very good at English.

2. Radiation Island, ATypical Games

chinese app store radiation island atypical games
Innocent Bear in Radiation Island

On Radiation Island, I have to defend myself from bears and zombies, solve puzzles, and survive the harsh weather and hunger. I would recommend this game to all survival game fans. I purchased Radiation Island as soon as I found the game in the App Store because there is no developer in China who makes survival game. A survival game of this high quality has a good chance of reaching the top.

3. Space Marshals, Pixelbite

chinese app store space marshals pixebite
Space Marshals

There are many top-down shooters in the Chinese App Store but Space Marshals’ my favorite. The game has the best eye-candy and deepest gameplay. The environment has very high details and the high-definition animation is really well-made. I enjoy how I have more than one way to complete my missions. I can gun down the enemies straight up like Terminator or I can assassinate the enemies silently like Solid Snake. There are also many weapons for me to choose from, and I had fun trying out different combos of weapons.

4. Daddy was a Thief, RebelTwins

chinese app store daddy was a thief
Daddy was a Thief

As a dad of three daughters, I found the title Daddy was a Thief funny so I purchased it and gave it a try. The game is a simple, straightforward platformer game. I have to go downward along a tower, dodge the police, and grab as many coins as I can. The game only requires one thumb to play so it allows me to feed my daughters with a milk bottle with one hand and play this with my other hand.

5. Punch Club, tinyBuild Games

chinese app store punch club tinybuild games
Punch Club

Punch Club is a really well-made simulation game with heavy RPG element. Since simulation game for male players is rare in the Chinese app store and martial art is popular in China, this game gets a good standing in the top app chart consistently. In Punch Club, you have to train your character, plan your skill tree, beat up random mofo’s, and win in tournaments. You also have to deliver pizza to make a living and eat the proper food to survive. There are many ways to climb to the top and it’s up to you to decide how you get there.

6. Rival Kingdoms, Space Ape Games

chinese app store rival kingdoms space ape games
Rival Kingdoms

Last but not least, I want to recommend Rival Kingdoms. This game is better than Clash of Clans in lots of ways. The 2D arts and UI animation in this game are stunning. The Ancients system, which allows you to choose your favorite set of magic to aid your battle, adds more unimaginable options to the battle. Also, I like how the game uses energy instead of requiring me to rebuild the units for the cooldown. This makes me feel much more comfortable sending the troops to battle without worrying how long I have waited to build the troops.

Enjoy! 🙂

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