How to Create an iTunes Connect Account with Limited Permissions

How to Create an iTunes Connect Account with Limited Permissions

This guide shows you the steps to create an iTunes Connect account with “Marketer”, “Sales” and “Reports” roles. You can then use this account in various app store optimization and analytics tools such as Meatti.

Have you ever run into some third-party app analytics platforms but you are uncomfortable binding your iTunes Connect Administrator account to them because of security reasons?

Here is a workaround:

Use an iTunes Connect Account with limited permissions. This way, you can enjoy the benefits from the analytics platforms without taking unnecessary security risks.

Here are the steps of how to create such account:

Step 1 – Create a new Apple ID

Go to AppleID website and create a brand new Apple ID for this new account.
In this example, we have created an account with the name “Third Party”, using a new email called “”.

apple itunes Registration

The account needs about an hour to function properly. You will see the message ‘Your Apple ID is currently pending’ on some pages in iTunes Connect website if your account is not ready yet.

pending itunes

Step 2 – Sign in your iTunes Connect Admin Account

Sign in to your iTunes Connect with an Admin Account. An Admin Account can be used to add, assign or change the permission of another iTunes Connect Account.


Step 3 – Go to “Users and Roles”

Users and Roles 4


Step 4 – Add iTunes Connect user, click the “+” next to users.


Step 5 – Fill in User Information

Fill in user information. Make sure you use the email of your newly created iTunes Connect Account in Step 1.

itunes Add User


Step 6 – Select “Marketer”, “Sales” and “Reports”

itunes connect roles

These three roles should be enough for most App Store Optimization and App Analytic tools, including our Meatti platform. For more details about what tasks that a certain role of your iTunes Connect users can perform, check out this official article.

Step 7 – Click “Save” on the notifications page


Step 8 – Check the verification email

Email verification

Your new iTunes Connect Account needs around an hour to be activated. Make sure your account is working before you give it to any third-party services.

That’s it! I hope you find this guide useful.

If you have any comments, feel free to leave us your comments below.



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