How to Monitor Your App’s Growth using App Analytics

How to Monitor Your App’s Growth using App Analytics


In this guide, you will learn how to monitor and improve your critical app metrics using App Analytics.

Step 1 – Review Your Download Metrics

Log in to Meatti and go to App Analytics > Downloads & Conversion.


  1. Monitor the trends of Downloads, Page Views, and Conversion.
  2. If Page Views are weak, refine your app keyword selections. It is because they help your app ranks higher in the app search. Refer to this guide for details.
  3. If Conversion is weak, improve your app product page. It is because users are more likely to download your app after viewing an optimized product page. Refer to this guide for details.


  • Check out this chart to see if your conversion is good enough:
    app store optimization conversion rate
  • Some users may download your app directly in the search results without actually viewing your app product page. That is why sometimes, conversion (i.e., downloads/page views) is higher than 100%.

Step 2 – Review Your Revenue Metrics

Go to App Analytics > Revenue & ARPDAU.


  1. Monitor the trends of Revenue, DAU (Daily Active Users), and ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per DAU).
  2. If Revenue is too low, use our Market Opportunities tool. You can then explore hidden revenue opportunities by Country with Top Revenue, and by Localization with Top ARPDAU.

Step 3 – Review Your Engagement Metrics

Go to App Analytics > Engagement & Retention.


  1. Monitor the trends of DAU (Daily Active Users), MAU (Monthly Active Users), and Engagement (DAU/MAU).
  2. If Engagement is too weak, use our Market Opportunities tool. You can then explore hidden opportunities by Country and Localization with Top Engagement.


So these are the steps to track your critical app metrics and improve your app performance. You can now make data-driven decisions in your app store optimization process.

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He is the founder of Meatti, which helps mobile app developers increase app downloads using artificial intelligence.

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