How to Uncover Bugs & User Requests using Review Analysis

How to Uncover Bugs & User Requests using Review Analysis


In this guide, you will learn how to reveal bugs and user requests from your app’s user reviews in a matter of seconds using natural language processing.

Step 1 – Find Out How Happy Your Users Are

Log in to Meatti and go to Reviews & Ratings > Sentiment Analysis.

This tool tells you how happy your users are.

It analyzes your app user reviews and determines if the users are expressing either positive, neutral, or negative feeling by natural language processing.

There is also a Sentiment Score that tells you an overall result of how well your app is making your users happy.


  • Review your Sentiment Score. If it falls into Fair or below, follow other steps in this guide to improve your user happiness.


  • Some users who gave 1-star or 2-star ratings might have left positive review comments, while some who gave 4-star or 5-star ratings were actually complaining. Sentiment analysis gives you another perspective to assess your user happiness by analyzing the textual comments.

Step 2 – Uncover Bugs and User Requests

Now go to Reviews & Ratings > Review Topics.

This tool organizes your user reviews into ten common topics:

Design, Graphic, Pricing, Profile, Resource usage, Speed, Stability, Uninstalls, Update, and Usability


  • Check the topics with the most reviews. Hit the topic names to see the actual reviews. This way, you can find out the areas of improvement of your app in a systematic manner.


  • To identify bugs and crashes, pay attention to Stability, Speed, Resource usage, and Uninstalls.
  • To identify user requests, focus more on Design, and Usability.

Step 3 – Explore User Reviews

Go to Reviews & Ratings > Review Explorer.

Besides showing you a summary statistics of your user reviews and ratings, this tool helps you explore the user review comments.


  • Explore your user reviews by applying different filters: star ratings, sentiments, and topics.

Step 4 – Discover Common Keywords

Now head over to Reviews & Ratings > Review Keywords.

This tool lets you see the common keywords in your user reviews using a word cloud.

It also shows you the common keywords from 4-star & 5-star reviews as well as 1-star & 2-star reviews respectively.


  • Hit the keywords you are interested in the word cloud. You can then explore the actual review comments.
  • Hit the most common keywords in the 1-star & 2-star reviews. Understand why the users gave you such low ratings. Find out solutions that could turn them into 5-star ratings.


User reviews are important feedback to your app product design and services. With the tools above, you can now understand what your users like and don’t like, and refine your app strategy.

Remember: user ratings are a key factor that affects a user to download your app. By improving your app user ratings, you can also increase your overall app downloads.

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