How to Get Your App Store Keywords using AI

How to Get Your App Store Keywords using AI


  • In this guide, you will learn how to obtain the app store keywords recommended by our Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How does our AI work?

Our AI comes up with your keyword suggestions using natural language processing and analysis.

app store keywords analysisIt automatically analyzes the following areas:

  • Your app search traffic
  • Your competitor apps
    (we find your competitors automatically)
  • Your app metadata
  • Keyword thesaurus
  • Popular searches in App Store
  • and many more …

Also, it intelligently excludes keywords that are:

  • Having too low search traffic
  • Too hard for your app to rank for 

With this AI tool, you don’t need to do manual keyword research as in other ASO tools in the market.


  • Our AI works best for the apps that have at least a few daily downloads during the past 30 days in the country you are targeting. Otherwise, there won’t be enough search traffic for analysis.

Okay, let’s get started to see how it works!

First, Review the Keyword Suggestions

Log in to Meatti and go to App Store Optimization > Keyword Suggestions.


  • Select the App Store Market (i.e., Country) that you’re looking for keyword suggestions.
  • Your goal is to make your app rank within top 10 of as many relevant keywords as possible. With this in mind, review the keyword suggestions in each section.
  • Hit [Select your keywords] button at the top of the Suggested Keywords section to go to Keyword Optimization.
    app store optimization select keyword

Step 1 – Choose the Keywords in App Name & Subtitle / Short Description

In the Keyword Optimization tool, decide the new app name and subtitle / short description of your next app release.


  1. Enter the keywords you want to include in your app name & subtitle / short description respectively. When deciding the keywords in your app name, use the format brand name: keywords or brand name – keywords. For example, ‘Pandora: Music & Radio‘.
  2. Hit [Next].

Step 2 – Optimize the keywords

a) For iOS apps

Here are the keywords our AI recommends for your App Store Connect keyword field. The best keywords are auto-selected.


  1. Deselect the keywords that are very irrelevant, unauthorized use of trademarked terms, celebrity names, or other protected words.
  2. In the Suggested Keywords section, select the keywords that are relevant to your app. Among them, priority should be given to those with higher Score and Popularity.
  3. Hit [Next] and copy the app name, subtitle, and keywords and use them in your App Store Connect app settings. App name and subtitle go to “My AppsApp Information“, while Keywords go to “My Apps > Prepare for Submission” under your App Store Connect website.
  4. Repeat all the above steps for each country you’re targeting.


  • Your selected keywords are already optimized to make the most of the 100-character limit. For example, if you have selected apple juice, apple pie, and orange juice as keywords, only apple,juice,pie,orange will be included. It is because these four words are all you need to rank for the three sets of word combinations above.

b) For Google Play apps

You can see Recommended Existing Keywords and Promising Keywords on the right-hand side of the page. Besides each keyword, you can also see a Count, which tells you how many times you have used that keyword in your app name, short description, and description.

app store optimization google play keyword boxes


  1. Modify your app name, short description and/or description to include each Recommended Existing Keywords up to five times.
  2. Do the same for the Promising Keywords, but include only the keywords that are relevant to your app and have a higher score.
  3. Copy the optimized app name, short description, and description to your Google Play Console.
  4. Repeat all the above steps for each country you’re targeting.


So we hope this guide has helped you get to know how easy it is to select and track your app store search keywords suggested by AI.

And here are some bonus tips for you:

Bonus Tips:

  • Some keywords might contain misspellings to cover commonly misspelled search queries. They are purposely included here to help increase your search traffic.
  • When updating the app store settings, remember to choose the correct localization. e.g. English (U.S.) for the United States market, English (U.K.) for the United Kingdom, etc.
  • Once you have released a new app version with the new keywords, you can then keep track of the improvement on your keyword rankings by using Keyword Suggestions again.
  • After you have released a new app update with the new keywords, our AI will learn from what keywords you have actually used, and suggest a new set of better keywords for your next update.
  • Through this cycle, you can stack up more downloads in every app update and work your way up to make your app a big success!

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