How to Improve Your App Product Page using ASO Report

How to Improve Your App Product Page using ASO Report


In this guide, you will learn how to optimize your app product page so that more users will download your app.

Step 1 – Review Your App Store Optimization (ASO) Report

Log in to Meatti and go to App Store Optimization > ASO Report.

The report analyzes various elements of your app product page, benchmarks them against the same elements of the top 100 apps, and tells you how to improve.

You should also target to obtain at least grade C of the overall ASO grade in the report.


  1. Identify “quick wins” among the areas of improvement. By “quick wins”, we mean the issues you can address within just a couple of days.
    For example, issues in app name format and length, screenshot orientation, etc., can be quickly fixed.
  2. Target to release the “quick wins” in the next version release.


  • For the app name, remember to include the keywords we suggested in this guide.
  • To avoid any issues reported under the Keyword section, use our Keyword Suggestions tool as introduced in this guide.  The keyword field will then be optimized.

Step 2 – Submit a New App Version

By now you should have the following items ready:

  • App name & subtitle – using the right format, length, and keywords
  • Keyword field – optimized by the Keyword Suggestions tool
  • Any other “quick wins” you identified in the ASO Report


  1. Apply the above items to your app’s iTunes Connect settings. App name and subtitle go to “My AppsApp Information“, while Keywords go to “My Apps > Prepare for Submission” under your iTunes Connect website. When updating the iTunes Connect settings, remember to choose the correct localization. e.g. English (U.S.) for the United States market, English (U.K.) for the United Kingdom, etc.
  2. Submit a new version for Apple’s review.


Step 3 – Release Your App and Review Your Report

Once Apple approves your app, the app status changes to Ready for Sale.


  1. One day after your release, you should review the latest ASO Report and keyword rankings under Keyword Tracking. See if there are any rooms for further improvement.
  2. Sometimes, the impact on downloads will take a while to appear. Keep yourself informed your downloads and other metrics using our App Analytics.


So these are the steps to improve your app product page and release a new app version.

Remember: it is very important you submit the new version now to see the effect of your optimization, and then decide your next move. 

So do take actions now and follow the above steps right after reading this guide!

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Marcus is a tech entrepreneur & a father of 3 daughters.
He is the founder of Meatti, which helps mobile app developers increase app downloads using artificial intelligence.

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